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As you may know we change our menu seasonally so that we can ensure fresh food all year round. Let us know what your favourites are so we can do our best to keep them on the menu!


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    Enquiries into our Catering Service for business meetings and private events of over 100 people, please make an account via spoonfed or email us your requirements.

    At Get Fresh, we cook fresh food daily so that we can uphold maximium flavour while also being as substainable as possible by minimising waste and shopping as locally as possible. We cater to your every healthy food craving from breakfast all the way through to dinner, with snacks in between. Plus! Wether it be a coffee break or hot soup – we got you!

    Because we prepare all our food from scratch each day in our open kitchens, we cannot guarantee the complete separation of allergen foods from non-allergen foods. Please be aware of possible cross-contact. If you have a severe food allergy, we recommend that you get in touch with us on social media or via our call centre to talk through your options. Please see our allergen list here