Get Fresh

the get fresh story

In 2008, we recognized a market gap and set out to offer a healthier alternative to traditional fast food. Our goal was to meet the demand for a convenient choice for individuals with fast-paced lifestyles and busy families, delivering not only taste satisfaction but also promoting improved nutrition. 

“We take pride in being the pioneers of providing fresh and healthy food on-the-go, in Cyprus.”

The brand later evolved into providing wholesale products to various stores, staff canteens to large banks, a mall take-away store and  the opening of a restaurant where guests are welcomed to enjoy our selection of healthy foods within a homely atmosphere. 

We believe that promoting better health extends beyond your dietary choices; it’s also about the ambience in which you unwind. At Get Fresh, we’ve curated spaces designed to nourish both your mind and body – just come and chill out with us 🙂

our values

get fresh story

We cook fresh, clean food crafted with the finest ingredients available, while opting for healthier alternatives to additives.

Our daily small-batch cooking ensures rich flavours and minimal waste, aligning with our sustainability commitment.


We care about our community and want to grow together!

get fresh story
get fresh story

Get Fresh was born to encourage and nurture a culture where living healthily isn’t a challenge or a sacrifice; it’s a natural way of life. 

Plus! We’re passionate about the idea that while helping ourselves, we can also contribute to the well-being of others, our community and the planet. So we are committed towards making our business as sustainable as possible